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Seminar dedicated to cooperation and bordering across the Sicily-Tunisia maritime frontier; 2nd of February, University of Palermo

On February 2nd a half-day event dedicated to cooperation and bordering across the Sicily-Tunisia maritime frontier will be hosted at the University of Palermo (Sicily).

The main aim is to present the EUBORDERREGIONS  Italy-Tunisia case study results and to discuss them with local stakeholders. Furthermore, some elements of the new 2014-2020 ENI CBC Italy-Tunisia program will be introduced.

The analysis conducted between 2012 and 2013 has shown that several examples of fruitful cooperation exist on the border, especially in the cultural field and in the economic domain (and particularly in agriculture and fisheries). Social cooperation is developing, in particular thanks to the new wave of social organizations that are flourishing in Tunisia in the last years. However, there are vast potentialities to improve cooperation: Sicily and Tunisia actually do share common challenges that need to be tackled jointly, and the development of a stronger strategic cooperation could provide both countries with important opportunities of development. In this framework, the Cross-Border Cooperation program funded within the European Neighbourhood Policy is a key instrument for developing cooperation.

Read the full Sicily-Tunisia case study report.

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