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Conference: Cross-border migration and its implications for the Central European Area; BRATISLAVA, Slovak Republic, November 5 -7, 2014

The objective of this regional international conference is to evaluate both the positive and problematic nature of cross­border migration, and highlight the need for politicians to deal with the problematic side of migration.

The need to focus attention on this issue has been brought about by the fact that Central European countries form not only the transit countries of these migrations, but also countries from which immigrants leave to work abroad. At the same time, these countries are gradually becoming countries of destination for migrants. The conference should make space for the scientific community to evaluate the problem of cross-border migration (legal and illegal) on the following levels: 1.Social and cultural, 2.Economic, 3.Political 4.Security.

Organizer: Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Read EUBORDERREGION contribution;  Endre Sik (TÁRKI) "Cross-border labour and quasi-entrepreneurial migration in the Hungarian–Slovak–Ukrainian triborder region"

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