May 28

A new and ambitious European Neighbourhood Policy

Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Commission Vice-President and Štefan Füle, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, today launched a new and ambitious European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) -- confirming the EU’s determined and reinforced engagement with its neighbours.

Today's proposal by the European External Action Service and European Commission to Member States and the European Parliament, sets out the main priorities and directions of a revitalised ENP strategy which seeks to strengthen individual and regional relationships between the EU and countries in its neighbourhood through a ‘more funds for more reform’ approach -- making more additional funds available, but with more mutual accountability.
On top of the €5.7 billion already allocated for the period 2011-2013, additional funding of €1.24 billion has been transferred from other existing resources, and will now be made available in support of the ENP.

In addition, the European Council has agreed to the HRVP's proposal to increase EIB (European Investment Bank) lending to the Southern Mediterranean by 1 billion euros over the same period. The EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) backed her request to extend their operations into the MENA region, starting with Egypt. Their expectation is that annual lending volumes could reach around 2.5 billion euros a year by 2013.
.The renewed ENP builds on the achievements the EU's Neighbourhood Policy since it was first launched in 2004, and responds to partner countries’ quests for more freedom and a better life.  It offers new types of support for more sections of society, and introduces more incentives to pursue reform.
Today's Communication is a culmination of an extensive review and consultation with governments and civil society organizations both within the EU and in the 16 ENP partner countries to Europe’s South and East..
For further information please see MEMO/11/342

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